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June 04, 2012


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Mary Sagharian

The best thing about being a parent is seeing your child's excited face running towards you when you walk through the door.

Ali Kippan

The first smiles & giggles, and the first "I love you" (that comes unprompted!)

Ipsita Paul

The best thing about being a parent is when your child reaches a milestone or accomplishes something and you thought they weren't listening when you were talking/teaching them!


The best thing about being a parent is the incredible ride it takes you on. When you hold your child and look into their eyes, or listen to them play just out of your eye sight, you are afforded a glimpse of the future. When your child sets their hand in yours to share a secret that they have found in the world such as a tiny buttercup flower on the lawn, you know that this is nirvana on earth. Being a parent is the truest, highest, most precious honour that we as human beings are entrusted with and each day, although at times can be challenging, each day with your child is a gift!


Well, the best thing about becoming a parent would be the chance to bestow the love that we have for each other, selflessly onto our child. I cannot wait!

Amanda King

The best part about being a parent is listening to the giggles. Also watching them grow, learn and love the world around them.


The best thing about being a parent is seeing the look of marvel on your child's face in reaction to the things we adults take for granted, especially when he plays and explores his environment. All the way from A to Z! Not to mention the unconditional love he expresses for his parents, that's the best gift one could ever get.


The best thing about being a parent (I'm sure this is the *best* thing per say, but it's been one of my greatest learnings thus far) is calling my mom and apologizing for all of the things we did as kids. You develop a great amount of empathy for your parents and how much much they invested into raising you. I've called to apologize for forgetting birthday cards and mother's day cards, I've apologized for the time we opened all of the Christmas presents at 4am without our parents, I've called to apologize for how unhelpful we were. I guess it's not so much about the apology, but about the new found appreciation being a parent brings to your own parents.


My favourite thing about being a parent is listening to my kids tell me a joke. They never make sense but they buckle over laughing like it was the funniest thing ever!


There are so many good things about being a parent - one of the best things is you are forced to become less self-involved and more tolerant of others, which is always a good thing!


the best thing about being a parent is getting spontaneous little hugs around the legs.

patrycja drainville

the best thing about being a parent is knowing you'll be friends forever.


What excites me most about being a parent is the joy of watching him or her grow up.


What is the best part of being a parent.... I remember the first time(s) that I was able to hold my children. Watching them grow and grow up. While there are times that it is difficult the good times far out weight the bad. Then is seems before you know it they are heading off to school in far away cities or to distant cities for work. Times goes past and you are handed a gift. One turns in to three over time and that is grandchildren. Nothing can compare to watching your child hand over their child for you to hold for the first time. How love begins again.


The best thing about being a parent is experiencing the feeling of loving someone completely unconditionally..... For the rest of your life, no matter what.

Oak's mom

Fluttering of feet inside the womb,
What little blessing will grace this room?
Falling asleep at the breast
With smile on face - gleeful rest.
Tears stream down but soon dry up
When arms wrap tightly in a great big hug.
On a mother's love, forever to depend;
The joys a child brings never do end.


What excites you the most about becoming a parent? Watching my child grow while discovering and learning new things :)


The best thing about being a parent is watching your child grow and discovering who they are - it is an amazing process!


The best thing about being a parent is when you watch your two beloved little ones are playing, laughing and hugging each others before the bedtime. And, they both give you a 'yes, mommy, we are silly :)' look.

Lisa Mallia

Nothing beats the look I get picking him up for daycare or waking him up in the morning. Genuinely happy I'm there.

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