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March 01, 2013


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Jessica Bowes

I melt the winter blues at our house by putting on some Bob Marley and having a little dance party with my 17-month old...this speaker would be a great addition to this music lover's home!

Michelle M.

I melt the winter blues by going on a tropical vacation!


Put music more often in the house. Declutter. Eat good food. Dream about and plan summer vacations. Can't wait to get there!

Joshua Knauer

Leafy greens

Chelan Barclay

We melt away our winter blues by jumping in the hot tub en masse, outside in the cold rain (myself, our two year old, our 10 month old and my husband). We keep the temp low so the little ones can play in it, and we play some good dub beats so we feel like we are on a beach somewhere. The bluetooth speaker would be awesome for our winter (and summer) family hot tub parties.


going for a run in the rain (west coast) and getting chilly and then coming home to a hot shower and a dance party with my kids - love that feeling!

Lisa B

I beat the winter blues by exercising and getting outside as much as possible - a sure fire cure. Mind you, I live in Victoria, so there's not much "winter weather" to keep you indoors... As long as you've got rainboots and umbrella!



Emilio Incerto

I melt the winter blues away by curling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and tuning into my favourite music podcasts. This speaker would be great for that - so that I can use my phone as a remote and not get up from the under the blanket and face the wrath of cold air!

patrycja drainville

beating the winter blues means taking in the last moments of winter beauty with a trip to the rockies! a relaxing massage and swim in the mineral pools at the Banff Springs Chateau keeps me going! and then there's the incredible rhythms of salsa music that always helps.


For me to say "bye-bye" to the winter blues requires only two things: Flannel pajamas and hot green tea!


I melt the winter blues with wine and lots of puppy cuddles.


A mojito in my hand, a warm blanket on my feet and Henri Salvador music...

Jenn Harrington

I beat the blues by hanging out on the ski hills enjoying the winter sunshine with my family.


Beat the winter blues -
Buy a pot of daffodils
Put on some music
Brew a cup of coffee
Put my feet up, listen to the music and savour the coffee while admiring the daffodils


I melt away my winter blues with a great run outside!

Amanda Downey

Oh, this is speaker is beautiful.
I beat the winter blues with a bouquet of flowers. Or a crisp walk outside. Or some ambient rain sounds playing on the stereo.

Timothy Howard

This year I will travelling to Ethiopia to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Much better than a ski weekend here in Newfoundland!

Susan Allison

Don't try to beat it - EMBRACE IT! Our family embraces winter with hockey - we live in an arena. This speaker would be awesome for my son's pre-game "pump me up" music in the dressing room.

Karine Chalifour

By embracing the season !
Instead of avoiding the cold and the snow ... enjoy the best it has to offer! This means snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating...and listening good feeling music ! Staying active boost the energy.

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