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May 03, 2013


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Thank for the giveaway!

Here is my tip:
You may need to rearrange furniture to clean under them. So, in order to avoid scuffing the floors, fold clean towels (dirty ones can scratch floors), place them under each end of the piece, and slide the piece across the floor.

Lisa B

I don't know if it's a cleaning trick per se, but I have started vacuuming my front door mat and patio! After all, a dirty doormat doesn't help keep the inside of your house clean and sweeping the patio takes too long!

Chris Ryan

"Spring cleaning" has always puzzled me. The concept seems to get it precisely backwards: you should do "fall cleaning" as you may be (depending on where you are, and/or how afraid you are of the rain, aka a little bit of water) spending more time indoors, so clean up and get ready for that. And while you're indoors, keep it clean. In the spring, throw open the windows, have a good time, and clean up later!


For me, part of spring cleaning is freshening the air in the house. The first warmish day (before bugs or pollen are an issue), I open all of the doors and windows in the house and run the furnace fan for a few hours. It gets all the stagnant winter air out of the house.

Arlene Cleland

My favorite spring cleaning "chore" is to hang all washed bedding, mattress covers, etc. (and any washable draperies) outside on my clothesline on a breezy, sunny day. Sheets and duvets smell so unbelievably clean and fresh and feel so great compared to drying in a dryer. Thanks for the contest!


Spring cleaning means it's a great time to clean out the closet and store bulky winter clothes! Toss or donate winter coats that you no longer want or can fit in, and repair buttons and other attachments before giving them a good wash or sending them to the dry cleaners. Warmer sunny weather also means a great opportunity to sun and refresh thick down coats. This helps to prolong the lifespan of your winter clothes. It's also a great time to clean and store down quilts and give your bed a makeover with lighter summer blankets.


Spring is here! I bring out the summer clothes and pack away the winter clothes , first putting aside the rarely worn items for donation. Hang the previously stored summer clothes out for the afternoon to help take out storage creases and fill them with the scent of fresh spring air.

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