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November 11, 2013


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Joliane Lavigne

Useful and so stylish!! My favourite childhood game was hide-and-seek!


Such a great giveaway- thank you :) My favourite game was cat's cradle. I can't wait until our daughter is born so I can teach her all the moves!


My favourite Childhood game was to plat with "my little people" (Fisher Price)!

Lauren Massie

Playing with my doll house


I spy!


Love the pink! My childhood favourite was Operation


My favorite childhood game was to do puzzles !!!


What a great contest! My favorite game was Trouble.

Meghan H.M.

Love - Le sac igloo - need the bigger size this contest is perfect! Favourite game was a tie between Hide 'n Seek and Lego - sometimes combined depending on the hiding spot!

S McStay

Definitely making forts was my favourite game to play as a kid.
I keep hearing how these are THE best baby bags!


Lovely contest and a great prize.
I loved playin hide and seek and memory games.

Amanda K

Ooh I'd love this for my baby girl this winter! My favourite childhood game was Red Rover.


Lets play the statue game!


Playing with my Cabbage Patch kids!

Pete Sonnichsen

Hide and Seek was by far the most fun!!!!!

Gillian Ash Richard

Great giveaway! My favourite childhood game was Red Rover!


What about dodgeball? Are kids still allowed to play that?

Suzanne G

My favourite game was Hide n Seek with my siblings.


love love love le sac igloo. it's on my "not-cheap-but-so-happy-i-bought-it" list [along with my a+a swaddles, ergo + chariot.] would LOVE this for a baby gift!!!
favorite game: homemade "memory" my mom would take random kitchen utensils, place on a tray. i'd have to memorize them, then she'd remove one item, and i'd have to guess which one. very ingenious and cheap, i must say!


Marco ..... Polo!

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